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We’re a close-knit team at Cachet. So one of the highlights of our year is when the whole Cachet family gets together at a surprise destination for what we call Meeting of the Minds (MOTM).

MOTM is a chance for us to spend time together and connect as individuals and teams. It’s also an opportunity to talk openly about where we’re headed as a business, so we’re all striving in the same direction.

One of the key things we discussed at this year’s event was a change of leadership.

I will remain as a Director and owner of Cachet Group, providing value to our clients and team where I can. But I’m handing over the Managing Director role to Mark Turek, who has been with us for 6 years. I just know Mark will be a success in this role. You can hear from him about our future strategy below.

Also in this edition, you’ll see some fantastic work we recently completed for Bank of China’s Auckland office. We’re extremely proud of this project and the incredible outcomes we’re continuing to achieve – which is the result of building a positive team and keeping our clients happy. You can see some of the feedback we’ve received from clients in our testimonial video below.

It’s been my pleasure keeping you up-to-date with our business through Cachet Collective. If there’s anything you’d like to hear about in future editions, please email us at

Signing off as MD for the last time,
Rowan Hamman – Managing Director

project spotlight: BANK OF CHINA

Bank of China, one of the world’s biggest banks, have been growing their presence in Australia and New Zealand since they opened their Sydney branch in 2008.

A big part of their success story has been their willingness to embrace local cultures. This was evident when they engaged Cachet to expand their Auckland office – with the client keen to showcase Chinese and New Zealand cultures in both the design and the working environment.

Cachet worked collaboratively with the client, including the CEO himself, to ensure the environment we created was cohesive, connected and made people feel welcome. That included making the CEO’s personal ‘office’ open and accessible.

Our design took a minimalist approach to integrate Chinese culture, New Zealand culture and Bank of China’s branding palette. Locally-designed and manufactured furniture pieces were upholstered in New Zealand woollen fabrics in the company’s colours of white, grey, charcoal and hints of burnt raspberry.

We used clean lines for the joinery, minimal pattern for the flooring and an exposed polished concrete floor to guide clients and guests to their hosting space – where the curated vision could be seen in its entirety.

It was a privilege to sit alongside the CEO himself, discussing and workshopping elements within the design that he was passionate on the execution just as much as we were.”

Matisse Whitfield  Design Lead


Mark Turek has been the driving force behind Cachet’s Melbourne office since 2013. Now he’s stepping into the Group Managing Director role, and we’re giving you the inside word on what that means for him and the Cachet business.

How did you get started in this industry?

I started my career in the commercial property industry after finishing university in Sydney. I spent much of the first half of my career working on the design and delivery of commercial projects across Australia, New Zealand and Asia – mostly for multi-national organisations with projects in multiple cities. I moved to Melbourne in 2009 and joined Cachet in 2013. That has grown my passion for the design and delivery of commercial spaces, and I’ve had the opportunity to work across all of Cachet Group’s studio locations over the past 6 years.

How is your role changing?

For the last three years I’ve been Group Head of Projects, which encompasses the leadership of all things design and delivery. With the opportunity to step up into the Managing Director role, I’ll be working more closely with our Executive Teams across all our locations – ensuring we’re delivering on our strategy for the business, refining our organisation and optimising our ability to deliver our best work to date collectively.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Cachet?

I’ve enjoyed helping build the business to what it is today, alongside many other passionate and talented individuals. We work very hard to ensure we’re all contributing towards an optimal outcome for our clients on every project. Having fun as a team, especially our annual conference named MOTM (Meeting of the Minds), is a key part of the people and culture at Cachet that I greatly enjoy.

How has Cachet evolved in recent years?

Our increasing number of repeat clients has meant we’ve had to develop our business to support the ongoing needs of our clients both pre, during and post project lifecycle. We want to make sure our personalised approach continues through our 360-degree partnership approach.

What’s one of the key challenges facing your industry?

As a specialist provider of workplace design and delivery, we work with many different types of organisations from multiple sectors. Almost all of the organisations we work with are experiencing an increased dependency on technology, and even the automation of various parts of the business. The successful integration of technology is critical – its current and future ability to support the business needs and the mitigation strategies businesses apply to managing technological disruption. That’s something we’re working to support our clients with into the future.

What’s your vision for your leadership and the Cachet business?

While Rowan’s leadership was about growing and building a platform for Cachet to thrive, my leadership will focus on consistency – with more emphasis on delivering design-led, client-centric and personalised outcomes with the right resources, processes and structures in place.

If you weren’t in this job what would you be doing?

I’d love to be a full-time dad. I have the greatest respect for people who look after their children full-time, especially with very little help from others. I’d look forward to the challenge, spending time with my kids and giving my wife an opportunity to have a career of her own without the daily distraction of all things children.


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