Tech giant Oracle invited Cachet to support their transformation from a predominantly sales-focused company to a service company, wanting a design that is welcoming, engaging and supportive of building relationships.

A key element of our design was turning an underutilised open atrium into the thriving heart of the business, creating an energized café/work zone with multiple opportunities for Oracle staff to meet with peers and clients, have impromptu gatherings, or work alone in a friendly and happening space.

We also took a fairly standard staff lunch room and re-imagined it as an edgy Melbourne-style street café (complete with graffiti and a moss wall) at one end, and a fine dining restaurant at the other. The two spaces are softly divided by a gorgeous full-height terracotta screen.

Our design language reflected the nature of a computing services business, consciously repeating small interlocking shapes on a grand scale – including a custom-designed rug in reception inspired by the zeros and ones of binary code. The palette was inspired by natural tones and textures drawn from the surrounding bushland 

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